Jack Barrow

Musings of Jack Barrow, blogging about a life of writing and philosophy; creating fiction and non fiction, sourced from pop philosophy and the irrational. Occasional outbursts on matters political, comical or just the downright infuriating. Currently writing a travelogue about a six week tour of the 39 historic counties of England while trying to earn enough money for a new shed.

Imperial opening of parliament

We had a fun start to the day today with a geektastic YouTube clip found by a colleague over the weekend. If you are not a geek read on at your own...

Sheep shagging – the future of publishing?

I once had a conversation with a guy who runs a small press who told me that reviews make no difference to sales. I can't remember the exact details...

Cover designs for the second edition of the Hidden Masters

Here are some visuals for the cover design of the Hidden Masters and the Unspeakable Evil (second edition). I'd welcome your input. I've knocked...

Around the north in eight days

Day 12 to16 - Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmorland, Lancashire and Cheshire Well actually it was a few less than eight days going around the...