Jack Barrow

Musings of Jack Barrow, blogging about a life of writing and philosophy; creating fiction and non fiction, sourced from pop philosophy and the irrational. Occasional outbursts on matters political, comical or just the downright infuriating. Currently writing a travelogue about a six week tour of the 39 historic counties of England while trying to earn enough money for a new shed.

Starting a 2.2 Dti Vauxhall Frontera – don’t go to Halfords

In keeping with the spirit of the plans for the great travelogue tour of Englandthe crises keep coming. Some of you might have read about the work I...

Reality, atomic science and the Pope

This is something I wrote when I was recently asked to contribute to the Huffington Post Weird News, but apparently it was too weird for them; then...

Back from camp in a daze

It’s Tuesday, the day after returning from Drum Camp and I’m in a bit of a haze. The camp was completely dry throughout and incredibly hot. I didn’t...

In Sat Nav We Trust – a search for meaning to the end of the world

I’ve been working on my Travelogue for a little over two years now, having set off from Oxford on May Morning of 2013. I’m just beginning to contact...