Jack Barrow

Musings of Jack Barrow, blogging about a life of writing and philosophy; creating fiction and non fiction, sourced from pop philosophy and the irrational. Occasional outbursts on matters political, comical or just the downright infuriating. Currently writing a travelogue about a six week tour of the 39 historic counties of England while trying to earn enough money for a new shed.

If I make a threat, I carry it out… I’m bad-ass!

So, I decided to eschew teabags what with the discovery of plastic in the paper of just about every teabag in the world. (Was it always thus?) I...

The Hidden Masters’ (not quite) Pocket Book of Tarot

I'm in the process of moving my books over to a new publisher. We're starting with the Pocket Book of Tarot. The new printer can't do the tiny...

R2D2 is getting out a bit more

Today R2D2 helped me take my shirts to be ironed. However, although he understands how busy everyone is at this time of year, he was a bit...

Why did they not ask the eagles to take the One Ring to Mordor?

There was a post on Facebook earlier today that asked why, when the Council of Elrond decided that the One Ring should be destroyed, did they not...