Jack Barrow

I write fiction and non-fiction sourced from pop philosophy, science and magick. My blog includes extracts from my upcoming books and previous works, plus occasional book reviews and sporadic outbursts on matters political, comical or just the downright infuriating. I’m preparing to publish a travelogue about a six-week tour of the 39 Historic Counties of England while trying to unravel life’s big questions.

Things are getting serious

Since my visit to a publisher a few weeks ago (no names, no pack drill) things have been moving along nicely. They are in the process of costing In...

Why I will be joining the Green Party this weekend!

It’s said that the Greens aren’t going to get a place in the TV debates for the 2015 General Election. The explanation for this is that UKIP...

Barrow’s Law

Social media promotion expands to fill the time allocated for the creation of that which is being promoted. Has anybody said this before I wonder?

Pig farm

“Crossing the border into Norfolk I saw my first pig farm and, until I spotted the almost invisible electric fence, I was impressed that they...