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In SatNav We Trust
Available now from online book sellers

  • ISBN Kindle: 978-1-8382896-0-7
  • ISBN paperback: 978-1-5272603-0-6

Don't like Amazon?

As an author just breaking into the market I have to be on Amazon, however, I understand that some people are allergic to Amazon for all sorts of good reasons. My books are also available from other sellers, online or on the high street. Simply walk into your favourite independent book shop and quote the paperback ISBN and they will be happy to place an order for you. If you don't like to leave reviews on Amazon then Goodreads is another great way of telling people about my books.

I write fiction and non-fiction inspired by pop philosophy, science and magick. My blog includes extracts from my upcoming books and previous works, plus occasional book reviews and sporadic outbursts on matters political, comical or just the downright infuriating. My latest project is In SatNav We Trust – a search for meaning through the Historic Counties of England, a travelogue about a six-week tour of the 39 Historic Counties of England while trying to unravel life’s big questions.

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