Jack Barrow

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In SatNav We Trust
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(ISBN: 978-1-5272-6030-6)

I write fiction and non-fiction inspired by pop philosophy, science and magick. My blog includes extracts from my upcoming books and previous works, plus occasional book reviews and sporadic outbursts on matters political, comical or just the downright infuriating. My latest project is In SatNav We Trust – a search for meaning through the Historic Counties of England, a travelogue about a six-week tour of the 39 Historic Counties of England while trying to unravel life’s big questions.

Building virtual Blackpool

Click on the image to see the (lack of) detail Using the 3D model of the Victorian alleyway, created for the animation, I'm trying to create some...

They even set light to your ears

“They even set light to your ears,” said Karl, a friend of mine with a rather natty flat top haircut. Actually those aren’t the specific words Karl...

The Handmaid’s Tale – why I had to stop watching it on TV

The Handmaid’s Tale, that multi award winning 1985 novel by Margaret Atwood, is in the news again. It’s in the news for its sequel being nominated...

R2D2 enjoyed his trip out to see The Force Awakens last night.

R2D2 enjoyed his trip out to see #TheForceAwakens last night. We had a drink before we started and and he asked for some popcorn. Unfortunately he...