The Hidden Masters and The Unspeakable Evil

Somebody wants to turn Blackpool into a seedy, tacky and depraved town

Has a dark presence from the other side risen up to conquer Britain’s northern holiday resorts? The Three Hidden Masters (two from Hemel Hempstead and one from Bricket Wood) need to find out before it’s too late…

Described by one reader as “Fear and Loathing in Blackpool meets the Illuminatus trilogy” this is the story of Nigel, Wayne, Clint and Geoff, and their quest to thwart a mysterious conspiracy of evil. A quest which starts as sensibly as it means to go on: in a miniature model village accompanied by a six inch high cowboy, a Red Indian and a traffic cop.

The Hidden Masters and the Unspeakable Evil – ISBN: 978-1-5272-6312-3

Warning – Amazon list it as out stock and say that if you give them your card number they will let you know when it is available. This is a bit dishonest and I’m not sure of their motivation. It’s print on demand and never in or out of stock. If you order it they will print one especially for you. There may be a delay but only a couple of weeks or so. – paperback

Better still, get it from Waterstones or your favourite local bookshop where, I’m sure, they’d be happy to order it.


New Edition Out Now!

(ISBN: 978-1-5272-6312-3)