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A search for meaning through the historic counties of England

Technology has pushed belief to the margins of our world, leaving us feeling empty. Belief used to be the centre of meaning. So where should we seek meaning and what sort of meaning has value?

When I started this trip I was just planning to travel the 39 historic counties of England. When I started writing about the trip I thought I was just writing about the journey. As I drove I didn’t know I was searching for anything. Somewhere along the way, amid the people and the places, the decisions and the disasters, somewhere between the traffic and the tragedies, the idea that I was writing about meaning just came out in the narrative.

Ostensibly a travelogue describing the journey with details of interesting landmarks, historic bridges, castles and the like, the narrative develops into an exploration of meaningful experiences through personal insights, chance encounters and sheer serendipity.

Throughout the trip the book explores issues relating to science and religion, described as rational vs. irrational perspectives on life. Explorations of great feats of engineering such as cathedrals in Ely and Worcester and bridges on Teesside and Ironbridge allow an exploration of the fascination of engineering while those same cathedrals allow an examination of spiritual ideas such as the nature of belief and how it fits, or does not fit, with purely rational perspectives.

The project is now coming to a significant point. The manuscript has been reviewed and restructured. There’s a little bit more to do then it’ll be ready for the final copy edit. From there I’ll be touting around publishers or going down the crowd funding route. If you would like to be involved, be it as an agent or a publisher, then stop me before I go too far. I’m in the process of making a promo video that will be used as a general ad and to support a crowd funding campaign if that’s what I do. Like I say, it’s all a bit flexible at this stage and if you feel the project has legs then get involved. (If you are a publisher or agent please bear in mind that my blog is not the manuscript, the two are completely different texts.) Alternatively, if you just like to read about people put in strange situations, if you have ever wondered how many roads a man actually must go down, or how many rivers are to be crossed, then do check back here for when the book comes out.

We are still in the process of making the promo video but in the meantime here’s an animation of the route that will be part of the video.