The last blog news was that I spent a day filming for the travelogue promo video. Since then things have slowed down to an almost complete stop. About a month after the filming was finished I had a message from the filmers saying that they wouldn’t have time to do the editing. This was a let down but if I could get the footage I could find another editor or, perhaps, edit it myself.

So, without going into all the boring details, that’s where I’m at. I could tell you about the quality of the footage, and that I’m clearly not a great subject for filming, but, hey-ho, who cares. Suffice to say I suspect it’s not their fault.


Anyway, I’m currently in the process of researching editing applications trying to find one that doesn’t confuse me too much. They say to be a modern writer you have to be able to turn your hand to any job, well I’d like to have some time to actually write. The manuscript is really good, if anyone ever gets to read it.