Okay, now I love you all dearly, mostly because I hope you will buy my books and tell your friends what fun they are, but here’s the thing.

I’ve just seen the first Facebook post of someone mentioning the ‘C’ word. (Not that one, the worse one that should only be used in December.) Now granted the post was complaining about mention of ‘C’ during August and that the shops shouldn’t be selling ‘C’ products when we are still enjoying summer so I’m in agreement with the person who made the post. But this is what they want. They want you talking about how the Big Store Co are selling ‘C’ during August and thus they get noticed.


Don’t give these cnuts the oxygen of publicity even by complaining about them (I realise the irony of my position). Don’t discuss them lest I have to delete you. I’m making a stand on this. I’ll delete you and then you might miss out on my next wonderful book.

Let’s have a ban on the ‘C’ word!