Okay so New Year, new marketing push.
It’s always been my plan to spread the word about the Hidden Masters and the Unspeakable Evil via the pagan network. This is my core readership but the book is clearly attractive to non pagan readers as they see it as contemporary fantasy, it is pretty fantastical in places after all.
So I’d really like you guys to help me out. If you are a pagan who has read and enjoyed The Hidden Masters and the Unspeakable Evil I’d like to invite you to spread the word amongst your pagan friends. There are a number of ways you can do that. You can simply tell people about the book, and I know that has been going on, but there are now numerous pages where people can subscribe or click to indicate their support.
And of course you can click subscribe on the link further down this blog.
However, what would be really, really great would be for you all to start writing reviews on the pages where the book is for sale. Most of the significant links to the sales outlets are shown on the sidebar at the top of this blog. If you bought the book (no matter how long ago) it would be great for you to go to the web page where you bought it and write an honest review of the book. If you bought it from a shop of from a web site that doesn’t sell it any more because they don’t do eBooks then find somewhere else to write a review. If it’s already been reviewed then add your opinion to those of other readers. (Please only give it five stars if you feel it deserves five stars. Pure five star reviews can look a bit unbelievable so just be honest.)
Finally, and this is probably where you will have the greatest impact, if you know of pagan web sites that do reviews of pagan books then try to get them to publish a review. If you’ve never written a review for a web site why not try it yourself and get your own name in print (well electrons at least). If you come across a pagan web site that hasn’t covered The Hidden Masters and the Unspeakable Evil, then ask them why they haven’t covered it. It’ll probably be because they haven’t heard of it. If they say they don’t do eBooks tell them that it should be back in paperback soon as I’m working on that too (as well as working on the animation promo and all that jazz).
Please also try to ask your friends whom you know have read the book to do the same as many people won’t see this blog. Please don’t leave it to chance and please don’t leave all the success to Dan Brown as you know I can write a better pagan story then he can. I know I have lots of fans out there. (I hate that word but it’s the way this works). If you want to see the next book in the series (there’s four books planned, one for each element and the next one is water) then I need you to get the ball rolling. Reading the book is one thing, saying that you’ve read it is the next, getting other people to read it and say that they’ve read it is what will ensure that I can keep this going, and keep you guys laughing out loud at the bus stop or in the office or any of the other places I’ve heard you tell me about.