I live in Hertfordshire, England, where I write about popular philosophy in modern life. I have a particular interest in the way people are creating their own philosophies from the bottom up.

I try to bring an intellectual rigour to this field instead of merely accepting any old idea. Take, for example, the incredibly fluffy statement I once heard someone say with all seriousness, ‘everything has an opposite.’ No it doesn’t. What’s the opposite of a football? So not everything philosophical sounding is valid and we might all benefit from a bit more thought.

However, despite all this, I feel that modern life is lacking in meaning. Stealing some of the dressing from religion, while understanding how these perspectives work, might just give us value and understanding of ourselves, each other and our place in the universe. The important thing to remember is to always keep your bullshit detectors running.

My first novel, The Hidden Masters and the Unspeakable Evil is has recently been rereleased – “It’s all riotously funny and improbably probable”
Pentacle Magazine

My latest project is a travelogue In SatNav We Trust – A search for meaning through the Historic Counties of England, a journey through ideas or science and belief, all the while searching for meaning and a bed for the night. Or was that the other way around? Now available from all online sellers.

About the photos

The photos used on this site don’t really carry any special meaning, they are just pictures I’ve taken on my travels, things or places I like the look of, landscapes, interesting decaying objects and even the odd accidental shot. The images on the page for In SatNav We Trust are a little more specific in that they were taken while I was on the trip that eventually became the manuscript. They do give some clues about the places I visited while exploring England and the subjects that I discuss in the book.