Day 8 and 9 – Rutland and Lincolnshire

I left Happisburg yesterday morning (what day was that?), probably my favouriute site so far, despite the fact that the camp site is slowly falling off a cliff. There was a pub just behind the site and the combination of the wine I had in the tent and the two pints of Broadside meant I slept well and looked and felt my best in the morning.

On to Rutland (513 miles total) the next day meant a 100+ mile drive with the ambition of camping overlooking Rutland Water, which is a magnificent site. Unfortunately the only place I could find was a farm camp site with noisy animals. At this stage those manicured commercial holiday parks have a lot to recommend them. It was quite exposed and the weather was changing but I managed to tuck my tent behind a hedge and put the truck in the way of the wind in the other direction. It did mean that he photo of the view from my tent this morning was less than scenic. Still I feel I owe no loyalty to Rutland so what the hell. Norfolk treated me well so it got a good recommendation in the photo.

This morning it was on to Lincolnshire and I’m now in Louth (629 miles). I have no idea why. Most of Lincolnshire is very flat and tonight it’s going to be windy so I’ll not be considering the aesthetics again when I position the tent and the Truck. Fortunately I have a barn in my favour but believe me, there’s not an obstacle for bloody miles.

Some people who are reading this aren’t on Facebook where the pictures are being pasted so here’s the link to my Instagram profile where all the pictures go before they arrive on Facebook. (There will be no pictures of my food!)

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