Boris Johnson is no longer Mayor of London.  Sadiq Khan has been elected to be Mayor. The Guardian reported it thus: “Sadiq Khan has been elected mayor of London, reclaiming the post for Labour after eight years of Conservative rule and becoming the first Muslim mayor of a major western capital.”


Being the first Muslim mayor is a historic moment, but there’s something wrong with that statement. Earlier on Friday the BBC news were reporting, “Eight years of Conservative rule under Boris Johnson.”

As far as I understand we don’t elect politicians to rule us, we elect them as our representatives to make decisions on our behalf with a mandate for policies that we approve of by virtue of their manifestos. Okay, it’s a flawed system but that is the intention. However, rulers are a feature of monarchies, or some such, and are somethting that we, really, should be trying to get away from.


I’m sure Sadiq Khan is a very nice man and I’ll not comment on Ken Livingstone, other than to say he’s too easily goaded and can be a bit of a prat when it comes to holding onto a principle beyond when it’s sensible. However, to suggest that Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was ruler of London is not only inaccurate, it misrepresents the truth of our democracy and elevates him to a position he might aspire to but certainly doesn’t deserve.