On New Year’s Day my resolution was to write more blogs starting with one on New Year’s Day. The calendrically aware amongst you may have noticed that it’s now a week on so I’m failing in my promise to myself and to offer greetings to my readers.


I’ve been in Colchester for nearly a year now and I feel as though my feet haven’t touched the ground. To begin with there was all the boxes to unpack. Even the removal company thought I had a lot of boxes. The contents had to be found places to be squirreled away, storage had to be sorted out for all the things I’ve not used since I last moved house 35 years ago and a workshop had to be built. By the time this was all sorted the process started again as my muse arrived in October; and so, the infinite cycle of the second hand box unfolded.

However, things are beginning to settle down and I’m starting to see a way ahead. I’ve been working on the sequel to The Hidden Masters and the Unspeakable Evil and I like what’s coming out of the story. You can look forward to more magickal adventures twisted to include every day activities and goings-on. I’ve also been working on some freebies to use as incentives for people to sign up to my mailing list. Don’t worry if you have already signed up, I’ll make those same freebies available to anyone who is already subscribed. Go to the page here to make sure you don’t miss out on the free downloads when I announce them.


Amongst the challenges of writing blogs is that it’s a bit like having to submit a term paper every week for the rest of your life. Some bloggers will stick to this schedule but, to be honest if I don’t have anything to say I don’t see the point of churning out a load of puff. Hence my 2022 resolution to do better.

So let’s see how that works out.