Well this is the big day. I’m now formally announcing that I’ve moved my blog over from the old Blogger/Blogspot platform to here at WordPress. If you are an existing follower from the old blog you should be able to follow on this one by clicking the follow button below. If you don’t want to give WordPress your email address I’m told you can follow from your Blogger/Blogspot account but I’m not completely up to speed on that.

Why have I done this? WordPress seems to be better indexed on Google so people should find the posts more easily, which is weird because Google owns Blogger. WordPress seems to have a better interface and design options are superior. Also my links have been blocked where there have been some issues with certain social media sites confusing my blog with some sort of spam related or other sort of ne’er-do-well type site full of stuff that will corrupt your granny and bring down society. (If only?) And hopefully other reasons will become apparent as time goes on, such as I understand that the WordPress community itself is more sophisticated but that is probably a moot point.

Anyway, here we are now. I may play with the look and feel of the blog as it seems much friendlier to experiment with the design and seems to have very many more options. I think I’ve corrected all the internal links to point to the posts on this blog but if you find any links that point out to the old posts on the old blog, do let me know so I can correct them.

So stick around for more posts including something soon on the nature of MOOCs (Massive Open On-line Courses) and why the British might be intrinsically unsuitable for this new form of learning.