Is Donald Trump in league with the Disney Corporation? Is Trump more than a buffoon in the mould of modern politicians such as Boris Johnson, or are people like him all just idiots who have climbed to the top by virtue of fart-arsery and rich parents. Is Donald Trump really Donald Duck in disguise?

I see a lot of conspiracy theories. I have Facebook friends from across the world and, believe me, I’m not too fussy about who I accept so there are some very enlightened people on my list. Reading some of the stuff about lizards, fake moon landings and the illuminati (hang on I wrote a novel about the illuminati – sort of) there is some pretty weird stuff, so I thought I’d join in.


I’ve been watching the shower of news about salacious stories of Donald Trump in Russia and wondering how it might play out. Of course The Donald is well known for always having a get-out whenever he puts his foot in it and some of his get-outs can seem a bit far-fetched. (Perhaps he’s in league with the writers of Sherlock and Rupert Bear.) But according to some of the news reports there might be video of him in compromising situations so how will he get out of that?

Would Trump not have thought of there being video evidence? Surely he wouldn’t have run for president knowing that there might be video evidence in the closet so I reckon he’s got Disney in on it. Surely he’s not that much of an idiot? Surely?


It can be no coincidence that Disney recently released Rogue One, a film with at least two CGI actors. R2D2 says it’s a movie that should have been nominated for a Golden Globe if ever there was one. It seems obvious to me that Donald Trump has friends in the Disney Corporation and engineered the timing of the release of Rogue One so that CGI manipulation of faces on film is in our thoughts just as the inauguration is coming up. This is just the time that dodgy video evidence might be likely to come out.

If the salacious videos are released then Trump has the perfect, utterly water tight, response to say that it wasn’t him.