These memes are all quotes from In SatNav We Trust – A search for meaning through the Historic Counties of England. Feel free to copy and post them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anywhere else you can think of. Hell, some people even print them out and pin them up somewhere.

Do you remember when people did that with photocopied cartoons? In the eighties I came up with the idea of the information virus and talked about them in my book Satanic Viruses (long out of print) but there wasn’t a way to replicate them other than with photocopies and that wasn’t practical for mass media. Since then we’ve got the Internet and then social media and now, they are called memes. Richard Dawkins coined the word meme but he was talking about ideas in the cultural soup. I suggested them as something that could be passed around, like a document, propagated by the enthusiasm of the people they infect.

To copy a meme right click on the image (on a Mac press Command+C) or on a touch screen touch and hold the image; then select Copy. To paste go to the place where you want to post the image, repeat the process and select Paste. When you post them try to make the post settings public so that other people can forward or copy them and pass them on around the world; better still read the book and create your own.