So it’s one day to go before the off on the great travelogue tour. It nearly went pear-shaped when I realised that the bank hadn’t sent me the new cash card as promised three weeks ago. Fortunately the phone company guy spotted it as I was making sure it wouldn’t get cut off while I’m away. (The things I do for my lodgers, eh, but do they notice?) Anyway, I have to pickup the new card on the way around some time in May at a branch only to be revealed after I have picked it up. Otherwise the crises have come and gone during the day and seem to be resolved.
Tuesday will be spent packing and loading the car ready for a start at an ungodly hour ready to arrive in Oxford by 6am Wednesday (May Morning) to hear the choir sing in the tower of Magdalen College and then go on to see what I hear might be the last ever performance of the Hurly Burly Early-in-the-Morning Band. Or at least I hear the front man is leaving town so I wonder if that puts future performances in doubt. Let’s hope the tradition is stronger than one individual as all good traditions are.
See you there if you can make it.