I gave Edge a try a few weeks ago and found it wouldn’t do many of the things I used to do with IE, Firefox and other browsers. Notably you’ve taken away the favourites bar which features in every other browser I know.


Then, after I’ve decided to look for an alternative, when I open Firefox you have the cheek to present a popup saying that Edge is more secure than Firefox. How on earth do you justify this sort of behaviour? Windows 10 is good, it’s got a few problems but I hope you are going to sort them out, if you can be bothered. (There were bugs reported on Windows 7 where your response was that Microsoft had no plans to sort them!) Clearly you don’t give a sod.


It’s appalling that you treat your customers with such disdain. (How do I switch this off?) Other software suppliers have emerged and, on the whole, I think computing has not benefited from the confusion of multiple standards and lack of continuity that has arisen out of the competition. But you really aren’t helping your reputation by nagging and intruding with such utter contempt!