Day 3 – Bedfordshire

Today has been a day of arrival. I’ve arrived in a part of the country that is relatively unfamiliar to me, which has been the plan all along. (Does that mean leaving rather than arrival?)

After popping home (on the way past Hertfordshire) which travelling from Buckingham,shire to Bedfordshire, I managed to charge all my devices, collect the few things I’d forgotten, and most of all, catch up on the writing that I was way behind on. I’d not written up May Morning and it was in danger of escaping me.

By the time I left home I was up to date and, having arrived at tonight’s camp site, I even have an improvised desk in my tent on the tool box that carry all my gear in. I can type at almost full speed and, assuming I can find camp sites with power (at least often enough to charge my mobile power pack) then I can set up a routine of typing up the day’s events in the evening. The only minus is that I got a great welcome this evening from the camp site owners who invited me over this evening and it sounded like they had quite a party with a fire and all. Meanwhile I was ensconsed in my tent writing. Sill it’s become clear this is not a holiday so I had to do it. Their music went off and the lights went out just as I had finished writing for the night. Next time I’ll join in.

Day 4