My muse and I have come away for our annual family Christmas break and, naturally, R2D2 had to come with us. C3PO has gone away for the duration of the holiday, who knows where. When I asked when he would be back, he shrugged in that way that only droids can. I got the impression that he could end up anywhere in the country, depending on where his social life led him; no doubt there would be a series of techno parties and he would only return for repairs or replacement limbs in the new year. So R2D2 is with us visiting my muse’s parents. I’ll not say where for fear of tarnishing their reputations as fine upstanding people.

We had a bit of difficulty with the Truck on the way which caused a bit of anxiety as it sounded quite serious after 140 miles on the road despite the Truck still driving okay. We need to head back on Boxing Day as my muse has to work on Friday and we were concerned to ensure she makes it to work. R2D2, bless him, offered to donate some of his solenoids in case that helps fix the Truck. Sometimes I wonder just how technically minded he really is. Anyway, he could obviously see how anxious I was and it just shows how much he really cares despite him sometimes being led astray by C3PO. Eventually we managed to get a local service centre to check the Truck out and it was just something rubbing because of a low brake pad and new parts have been fitted.

Anyway, I don’t know if this is related but when I got back with the Truck fixed, much relieved, I discovered R2D2 in the bedroom where he’d unravelled my Star Wars T shirt and was sitting on it with an expectant look on his control panel. (He could have ironed the shirt, I thought.)

Anyway, I got the hint that he wants me to take him to see the new Star Wars film The Rise of Skywalker, so, if he’s good over the remains of the holidays (hopefully being away from C3POs negative influences he’ll behave himself), we’ll be seeing it some time in the next couple of weeks. I’ll post news when I can.