Well, we’ve got as far as New Year’s Eve and R2D2 has been behaving himself. He had a good Christmas, although he did try to sneak away with my prawn cocktail before I took him off the table and put him on the windowsill where he couldn’t be tempted to interfere with the Brussels sprouts.

R2D2 was very good with his presents although he did make a bit of a mess with the wrapping paper. He was particularly happy to receive a new LED status array for his secondary control panel and a replacement backplane board for his IO system. He was hoping to get a new wiring harness for his starboard stabiliser but I’ve told him he has to wait until his birthday for that. Besides it was C3PO who damaged the stabiliser when he got R2D2 into break dancing back in the summer so I really feel C3PO should be paying for it. Having said that C3PO is off somewhere until next week, which I only know because he sent a text to myself and the wookie to say he wouldn’t be around for lunch on Friday when we usually go out. Other than that he’s said not a word, not even a Merry Christmas for poor old R2D2. I notice C3PO didn’t get R2D2 anything for Christmas but R2D2 still idolises him. Personally, I don’t know what R2D2 sees in him, he’s only ever trouble.

Tonight R2D2 is staying home to watch the Hootenanny on BBC2. He’s a bit of a fan of Jools Holland enjoying a bit of boogie-woogie particularly appreciating Jools’ right-hand action. I believe he’s also planning to run some diagnostics ready for his New Year reformatting and file optimization. He likes to clean up his systems in January and sometimes goes as far as a full reboot.

Sometime in the New Year we’ll be off to see The Rise of Skywalker so R2D2 is quietly becoming more excited. He’s been trying to stay off the Internet so as not to read any spoilers. He did have a bit of a moment when he checked my Instagram account because he heard there was a photo of him on there (he’s so vain, you wouldn’t believe it) and it seems he nearly read a plot spoiler on Facebook but he said he erased that memory sector and now he can’t remember why he did it.

So, we’re both wishing everyone a Happy New Year, have a great time tonight and we’ll see you all in 2020.

R2D2 wishing you a Happy New Year as he browses the books I got for Xmas