“On the other hand the anxiety I had about charging my devices was rational as the situation could have scuppered the whole trip. Anxiety at the logistics, the effort of the driving, finding somewhere to camp, time to write and two hours of packing and un-packing each day; all that seems rational, but those thoughts may grow to be irrational if they get out of proportion. If your collection of bus tickets gets so large that it takes over your life then it could be said to be irrational. But these issues of anxiety or peace of mind seem to lie somewhere between the rational thing that can be measured (such as a measurement of what can be achieved given a certain number of hours in a day) and the irrational thing where something in your head gets out of hand.”

Abridged extract from In SatNav We Trust – A search for meaning through the historic counties of England.

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In SatNav We Trust is a journey through England’s historic counties, through ideas or science and belief, all the while searching for meaning and a bed for the night. Or was that the other way around?