Further news is that I’ve been working on an update of my first book Satanic Viruses: the fall of the Roman Empire and how to bring it about. This was published in 1989 and has been released in various formats since. It’s an examination of the way the world is changing and has been said to predict the structural changes in society we are witnessing now. The final part of the book which sought to suggest a way for people to circulate their ideas through information viruses has now been rupersceded by viral communication on the Internet. It’s this part that I’m currently working on. I have also found that there are other recent commentators, such as Alain de Botton, who have been expressing similar ideas to mine about the whole left in society by people’s move away from religious perspectives. All this and more is to be found in the future release of the book.

One important change will be that I’m retitling the book. It’s been suggested that the term Satanic Viruses suppresses sales in the US. This may be the case. The title was originally a play on the title of Salman Rushdie’s infamous Satanic Verses although the two books have nothing to do with each other. The reference to Satanic is related to the book’s reference to occultism which some people might mistakenly see as Satanism, though Satanism is a spinoff from Christianity so it’s not really about that. The viruses references is about the information viruses to which I’ve referred earlier. Anyway, the plan now, is to title the book Age of Aquarius and use the old title in full as the subtitle. The book does make reference to the idea of the Age of Aquarius and, really, that’s what it’s all about so that’s going to be the new title.