Subscribers to my Newsletter have the chance to win prizes such as signed books, bags, mugs or T shirts. however, you can have my merchandise even if you aren’t lucky enough to win one of the competitions. Scroll down for books, bags, mugs and T shirts.


Both books available in shops, on Amazon Kindle and Amazon Kindle Unlimited

I’ve had to suspend sales of signed copies while I’m getting ready to move house as all of my stock is now packed away. Keep an eye on my social media accounts for news of my move and when I’m resuming this service. You can still buy my books on line and from your local independednt book shop.

The T shirts, mug and tote bags on this page are available from Café Press where you are able to order direct without having to make a payment to me. However, their delivery charges for single items are really quite excessive. Having spent a lot of time developing this page and setting up the products on Café Press I’m loath to remove them, plus they have shirts in colours that my old supplier doesn’t stock. If the prices and delivery charges on this page don’t suit you then feel free to order via me on the old shop here.


At the moment I have just one mug quoting from In SatNav We Trust but I’m thinking of making some mugs with images from the T shirts. If you would like one let me know which image, or combination of images, you would like to see on a mug. Get in touch via my social media page.

Inspired by the setting sun and a rainbow on the coast of Northumberland as I travelled the Historic Counties of England this mug is not the unification of the microcosm and the macrocosm but it’s pretty close. You might not experience oneness with the Universe but you will experience the warmth of a good cuppa with this 11oz white ceramic mug printed with an extract from In SatNav We Trust on the front and back.

Click through to Cafe Press for details

T Shirts

More colours available on the Cafe Press website.
Click through to Cafe Press for the full range, prices and other details
. All these designs are available in men’s and women’s and in classic and value production.

Ten T Shirt Designs

The T shirts are printed with nine sketches I drew for the promo video for In SatNav We Trust. There’s an eye catching image here for everyone.

The nine T shirt designs show images of:

  • Ironbridge
  • Glastonbory Tor
  • The Tees Transporter Bridge
  • Blackpool Tower
  • Worcester Cathedral
  • Happisburgh Lighthouse
  • Whitby Abbey
  • Bamburgh Castle
  • The Lovel Telescope at Jodrell Bank

These are all locations that feature in my travelogue In SatNav We Trust. If your thing is either science, belief, heritage or all three you can guarantee everyone will be staring at your chest.

  • There is also a grid pattern design with the nine images on one T shirt.
How to order

The T shirts are supplied by Café Press. You place the order, you pay them, they print your item and send it to you. You don’t need to order from me. Follow this link to see the full range.

The T shirts come in a range of colours but the Café Press website only shows the black and white shirts in the thumbnails. To find the other colours click the thumbnails and see the colours in the boxes beneath.

  • Only the ‘Classic’ T shirts are available in the colours. The ‘Value’ T shirts are only available in black or white. The male and female Classic T shirts each have different colour options.

To find the colours:

  1. Select your preferred design from the thumbnails.
  2. Select your preferred size and colour from the dropdowns (classic only)
  • The white thumbnails link to white, ash gray and baby blue T shirts.
  • The black thumbnails link to many other colours.
Hidden Masters T Shirts

I’m planning to release some T shirts to promote The Hidden Masters and the Unspeakable Evil but I’m not quite ready yet. If you have any ideas of images or one line quotes from the book you would like to see on Hidden Masters T shirts then do get in touch via my social media channels. I’ll announce them in my newsletter when I’m ready to launch the range. In the meantime how about trying one of the colourful options for In SatNav We Trust T shirts?

Men’s Whitby Abbey Black Classic T shirt

Women’s Lovell Telescope Cranberry Classic T shirt

Women’s Happisburgh Lighthouse Royal Classic T shirt

Women’s Bamburgh Castle White Classic T shirt

Women’s Ironbridge Teal Classic T shirt

Men’s Tees Transporter Bridge Red Classic T shirt

Men’s Grid White Classic T shirt

Women’s Blackpool Tower Navy Classic T shirt

Men’s Worcester Cathedral Kelly Green Classic T shirt

Men’s Glastonbury Tor Baby Blue Classic T Shirt


These bags are printed with extracts from In SatNav We Trust. At the moment these are just two of the memes taken from the book. Do feel free to propose other extracts you think might make suitable graphics for bags.

Driving along the south coast it’s easy to imagine where you might end up but the eighteenth century might not be what you’d expect. This classic canvas tote bag is available in two sizes and is perfect for transporting your stuff be it a little light reading or a few beers for the evening.

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Sometimes it is better to travel than to arrive, or someone said something like that. That’s not what this bag says but it’s a bit like that so while you are travelling you can be sure you have all the things you need in this bag for when you arrive at enlightenment. This classic canvas tote bag is available in two sizes.

Click through to Cafe Press for details