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I love to hear from readers so please do join in any of these social media channels. Lately I’ve been using Instagram a lot more than the other channels but that will probably change as I have other things to say. Don’t be shy, come on in, the water’s lovely.

Please use the hashtag #InSatNavWeTrust on all my social media channels whenever posting about In SatNav We Trust.

Please use #TheHiddenMastersAndTheUnspeakableEvil whenever posting about The Hidden Masters and the Unspeakable Evil.

My Facebook Profile:
This is my general Facebook presence where I post all sorts of pointless nonsense, chat with people, complain about politics, post about great programmes on Radio 4, just like everyone else does on Facebook. Do pop over and say hello or become a friend.

My Facebook Page:
This is my official Facebook author page. I don’t post so much on here but I’m trying to use it a bit more. If I think of something that is specifically to do with publishing I’ll put it here. I’m also trying to support independent bookshops so I am thinking about doing a series of Bookshop Of The Week posts. I also try to copy my blogs here along with any other important news.

I have a Facebook Page for each book but as I write more it’s going to become difficult to keep track of them all. To that end I’m keeping the specific book pages so readers can declare their likes but as I write more I’ll probably concentrate my efforts on updating the general page.

Readers’ Group: I’ve also created a Facebook Readers’ group here as I find the Pages don’t really facilitate discussions. Please do post here if you have anything you want to say about any of my books, ask questions, etc.

In SatNav We Trust:
This page is for news specific to In SatNav We Trust. I’ve posted links to about 15 book blog reviews about In SatNav We Trust here as well as links to a couple of BBC radio interviews.

The Hidden Masters and The Unspeakable Evil:
This page is for news specific to The Hidden Masters and The Unspeakable Evil. There’s not so much traffic here as the book has been out a while now but if there’s a story that might be about someone getting drunk or stoned (or both) in some strange situation it might make it here under the guise that it could be Nigel, Wayne and Clint on one of their adventures.

Twitter: – @JackBarrowUK
Twitter needs no introduction but if it’s expressed in fewer than 280 characters it might end up here.

Instagram has a terrible text interface but it does have the advantage that it will accept 2200 characters. (Carriage returns don’t work consistently; the messaging system is difficult to navigate as are the comments and when you reply to a message on the phone app you can’t see what you are typing. Sort it out Instagram!) However, what’s nice about Instagram is that it’s not at all shouty as Twitter is. I’ve used Instagram to post pictures from my trip around the Historic Counties of England along with short, heavily abridged, teaser extracts form In SatNav We Trust. These extracts are a bit raw as the manuscript hasn’t yet had a professional edit and I’m a bit infamous for my typos. But they should give you an impression of the ideas in the book. I’ve also posted all the memes I’ve generated from tiny bits of the manuscript. Feel free to share them.

This is my Goodreads profile. It might get a bit out of date but it does have a link to my blog so all my blog posts appear here automatically.
This is largely a copy of my main blog in this site. It goes back to the days before I set up this site but I still try to copy all my posts onto both. I keep the blog going as it has a few more subscription facilities, RSS feeds and features that I’ve not figured out how to install on If you want an email notification of each blog post this might be the place to subscribe.

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