In keeping with the spirit of the plans for the great travelogue tour of Englandthe crises keep coming. Some of you might have read about the work I had done on the Truck in recent weeks. I’ve had a dealer service from the main Vauxhall dealer and I’ve had the enthusiasts change the vacuum tubes and clean out the inlet manifold. They did a sterling job removing a mass of black oily gunk and that seems to make it run very smooth now.
However, since the inlet manifold was cleaned I’ve had intermittent starting problems. It would start first time, as it always has done, but it would run really lumpy for a few seconds then die. It would then take ages of turning over before it would finally start with lots of smoke. I know the smoke is the unburned fuel as it’s turning over but I can’t identify why it dies after the first time of starting. I took it to the nice man at Fort Horstedand he’s changed the glow plugs. (He said he’s replaced one of them but looking at them today they all look quite new.) But still it’s not starting properly.
So today, on the day of departure, it died again and took ages to restart. Suspecting the battery I took it to the guys at the local motorists shop, Motorway Belts, and it was declared good. The guy at the shop could easily have sold me a new one and I’d have known no better, but it seems he was an honest man. (That is in contrast to the oik at Halfords least year who tried to tell me that my battery was knackered when I was investigating an unrelated issue. Just remember the name folkes, Halfords. I’ll say it again Halfords. Halfords, Halfords, Halfords! The oik at Halfords, almost a year ago told me that my battery was knackered yet today it was given a clean bill of health. Halfords, in case anybody didn’t get the message. He wanted to charge me 120 quid for a new one. Halfords!)
Anyway, I’m now wondering what else I could check, considering I have just a few hours before the off. This all started happening after the inlet manifold was disturbed but I can’t see it being related to that as the guys at Fort Horsted had it off again and presumably they would have seen if there was a problem, and if there was they would have put it right. (Vauxhall Frontera owners feel free to make suggestions, 2.2 Dti B series.)
Anyway, I’m going anyway… Watch this space.