Okay, so a week on from Smashwords premium catalogue approval I’ve discovered that there is a delay between the Smashwords catalogue being shipped and the book appearing on the web sites.

So here’s the thing.

The book is slowly due to appear on retailer web sites in the coming weeks. I’ve been checking the sites recently to see if the book appears but there are a few sites to check and the process is a bit repetitive. Therefore I’m offering a prize for each site.

For the first person to post a link to a retailer site where The Hidden Masters and the Unspeakable Evil is on sale I will give a free download of the book from Smashwords.

Post the links in the comment section below. The download will be in the format of your choice (see the list of formats in my post from last week). I will email you a voucher code to download a copy direct from Smashwords.

If you want to know what you stand to win you can read about it here.

Here’s the promotional video on You Tube