R2D2 looking forward to getting out in the New Truck

R2D2 has had the hump for the last couple of weeks. After the excitement of his trip out to see Elstree 1976 in preparation to see Rogue One after Christmas he’s been looking forward to getting out a bit more. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago, The Truck died and neither of us have been able to do much outside the house. Honestly you wouldn’t believe it, he’s been on at me to take him out to places as I did last year when he was getting ready to see The Force Awakens and he’s been in a right sulk. He’s even been involving C-3PO and the atmosphere in the house has been awful, and believe me, C-3PO can moan in six million languages.


Anyway, today I picked up the New Truck, just in time for Christmas so the trip to see Rogue One is back on after we get back from up north to see family over Christmas. Sadly, R2D2 isn’t invited after he disgraced himself at Christmas dinner last year, so he and C-3PO will be staying at home over the holidays. I just hope they can manage to keep the noise down with their inevitable techno parties while we are away.