Since my visit to a publisher a few weeks ago (no names, no pack drill) things have been moving along nicely. They are in the process of costing In SatNav We Trust and working out stuff to do with numbers, I guess numbers of pages, numbers of copies, numbers of readers (that’s you folks), numbers of dates (I know that doesn’t really work but, hey) and it seems numbers of solicitors.


So, the latest event is that I’ve looked at a draft contract and, unbelievably I managed to read and understand it all (which is more than can be said for the Microsoft revised and easier to understand contract coming in at 15,000 words of oblivion). There’s all the right clauses that I understand and I feel quite good about signing. As far as I’m concerned that’s serious.

There’s more on this to come and I’ll be involving you guys in this pretty soon. You will be a very big part of the process so watch this space again. I have to go on a sort of marketing course because, with every publisher today the author has to be a big part of getting the word out. However, it’s good that they make this sort of support available.


The schedule is that things are expected to start moving by about the end of August so there will be much more news then. Of course that’s not a publication date, I have no idea when that will be but there will be more news as I have it. What is good is that it looks like the title will remain In SatNav We Trust which was only ever a working title but I like it and it seems it’ll remain. Please do post questions on the blog pages or on Twitter and Facebook. I know a lot of you guys read these posts but very few people comment directly on the blog. I know it’s a pain to have to create yet another password but in doing so you are becoming a part of something larger and making something happen. (I’ve just looked using a different browser and I can’t see a link for people to create comments so it looks as though they are not working.)