I’ve finally started working on the manuscript for the book of the great travelogue tour. So far I’ve got 39 documents of rough notes that need a lot of editing. The plan is to put another layer of thoughts over the top using ideas that developed later thus filling in the boring bits where not much happened. So far I’ve reviewed the first ten days and I don’t seem to have had any days where not much happened. I’m wondering if I’ll either have to cut stuff out or not add the extra material as I’d hoped.

As I travelled around the country I’d found myself mulling over some ideas that I’d had for some time regarding the perception of irrational ideas in the modern world and how much of the satisfaction of life comes from a contact with the irrational. These ideas include art, humour, moments of sudden self actualisation (described by Maslow as peak experiences), love, spirituality (whatever that is), etc. After stopping half way around the country and discussing the project with some pagan friends in Derbyshire I came to the conclusion that I should include these ideas in the story of the journey. Over a few days I came up with the idea of using these ideas to fill in the boring days and, perhaps, draw some parallels with things that happened on the way.

I estimated that I was writing about 1000 words a day in note form, which would give me about 40,000 words once it was tidied up. If I added another 30-40,000 words it would make a book of about the right length. Now I’m expecting I’ll have about 50-60,000 words before I add the philosophical stuff. It’s either going to be longer than I’d thought or I’m going to have to leave the philosophical stuff out.