Some weeks ago, in my day job writing for big companies about things I’d rather not write about, an idea was hatched. We had just started a lottery syndicate and the inevitable conversations resulted about what we would do if we won. After someone else’s insinuation that I would buy a luxury tent with my millions (don’t ask, it’ll soon be apparent) one of the ever hopefuls in the office suggested the idea of buying a Winnebago to tour the country. Driving back around the M25 that afternoon it occurred to me that such an idea wasn’t really that ambitious and that I didn’t really need a lottery win to do it; have tent will travel and all that.

The plan, then, is to set out on May 1st, with the intention of spending the night in each county of England, and write a travelogue while I’m at it. I’m not going to describe the plan in too much detail as you’ll have to buy the book, but suffice to say that it’ll take six weeks for 39 counties. (They didn’t want me to take the time off from the dreadful job but I think they realised that I’d have chucked it in if I’d not been allowed the time off.)

afoot and month

So plans are afoot and a month from now I’m off to parts of the country I’ve never visited. I’m still thinking about what I’ll put on this blog or reserve for the book but I’ll probably work that out day by day. I’ve been testing Facebook and Twitter apps on a tablet so no doubt I’ll post some sort of news as I go along. Here’s episode two

Travelogue blog two