There was a post on Facebook earlier today that asked why, when the Council of Elrond decided that the One Ring should be destroyed, did they not decide to use the eagles to take the ring to Mount Doom and drop it in instead of laboriously walking it all the way to Mordor? This question troubled me for a while as it does seem like quite a plot hole in The Lord of the Rings and one that Tolkien doesn’t really explain.

However, after some thought I came to the conclusion that Don Henley would probably have had contractual issues, Glenn Frey would have been busy concentrating on his acting career and Joe Walsh, with his trademark ‘attacking’ sound, would surely have been at risk of corruption by the One Ring. Ultimately, though, it struck me that their brand of West Coast, California country rock would have been no match for the likely heavy metal, hacking riffs of the Nazgul and the soaring vocals of their support band the Fell Beasts.