It’s difficult for dead people to write in the first person. That’s what I realised when I wondered about the writing style for my main web site. I checked some of my favourites but it was the fact that Douglas Adams can’t write in an engaging voice that helped me decide. I don’t write about comic science fiction but I hope to do for the irrationalities of paganism what Douglas Adams did for science fiction.

Daily Mail

Paganism is said to be the seventh largest faith group in the UK but we’re still waiting the results of the census on that one. You’d think they’d tell you when the results are due but perhaps they’re as afraid of the Daily Mail taking them to task as the rest of the world seems to be. Well I’ll tell you this about me, I don’t give a flying fridge magnet about the Daily Mail.


I write about the modern pagan movement that we used to call occultism. It’s a very philosophical world and doesn’t involve cutting the heads off of chickens, if you think it does you’re confusing it with farming. Recently I’ve been concentrating on comedy stories about three blokes who go away for the weekend, drink way too much strong drink, smoke pot until it comes out of their ears and perform candle lit ceremonies that some people would mistakenly describe as Satanism. What can the Daily Mail do to me that I haven’t already done to myself?